Signs Your Car Needs Battery Replacement

Imagine being stranded on a road in the middle of nowhere while you beautiful Holden Commodore struggles to start. If you love road trips, this is a nightmare you can certainly do without! One thing is for certain, though. You can find out when you need your car batteries replaced if you pay attention to your car enough. While there is nothing you can do except wait for assistance if you are already on the road with your car, you can always identify the signs before you head out anywhere. If you’re able to figure out these signs, there is no reason why you won’t manage your Holden Commodore battery replacement way before your car gives out on a road trip.

The car doesn’t start

Your car batteries usually charge as you drive. Which means, if you drive your car daily, the car battery should have been charged the day prior. However, if your car refuses to start every single morning owing to uncharged batteries, there is definitely something wrong with it. This particular problem of a car not starting may also point to other causes. However, if your ignition and fuel system are in top condition and you aren’t in the habit of leaving your lights on, the only explanation is dead batteries.

Frequent jump-starting

Failing alternator or even a power drain can lead to frequent jump-starting of cars. While a damaged battery isn’t a reason why you’ve had to jump-start your car so often, the frequent jump-starts can certainly damage your car batteries to a great extent, requiring you to get your Holden Commodore battery replacement done.

Your battery is swollen, cracked, or leaking

A battery leak, or a cracked or swollen battery is a clear indication that you need your car batteries replaced. Make sure you opt for a battery with cold cramping amps that is suitable for the climate you live in. For those living in colder regions, the amount of power used to start an engine is much higher. You can get the right guidance regarding your car batteries while purchasing them if you are unsure of which one you should opt for. Expert opinion can save you the trouble of having to deal with your Holden Commodore battery replacement over and over and again. You can also prevent sudden car breakdowns by ensuring the proper maintenance of your car, the engines, and all other aspects and keeping a constant check on the performance of your car batteries. Please check the following list for the battery recommended for your Holden Commodore:
Year Model AcePower HD AcePower
2006-13 Commodore – VE, VF Extra Heavy Duty 56638 K56638
1997-06 Commodore/Berlina/Calais/Monaro/Statesman VT-VZ 85L610
2007-on Commodore VE V8 SS Ute 55530 K55530
1980-98 Commodore 6, 8 Cyl. 85L610 K85R550
1999-on Commodore Acclaim 85L550 K85L550
2000-on Commodore Equip 85L550 K85L550
All Commodore Ute VT, VY, VZ 85L550 K85L550
2003-on Commodore V8 SS 85L550 K85L550
2006-on Commodore VE 56638 K56638
2006-on Commodore VE V8 Sedan (in boot) 56638 K56638
2011-on Commodore Ventura 56318 K56318
2018-on Commodore ZB Petrol 2.0T / 3.6i VRL480
2018-on Commodore ZB Diesel 2.0DT VRL480