Lithium Batteries Melbourne

Perks of Using Lithium Batteries

Having understood the benefits of using lithium batteries in electrical applications, most businesses are switching from the conventional routes to opting for lithium batteries. Where lead-acid batteries are known to have certain setbacks, however, lithium batteries cover these gaps, as result a significant improvement. While some may consider lithium batteries to be a less affordable alternative compared to some other counterparts mainly with Lead-Acid technology, the much longer lifespan and other perks associated with lithium batteries are well able to justify this cost, from the low total cost of ownership per usable kWh to the low maintenance & unnecessity for constant replacements of the batteries. The ease of availability of lithium batteries in Melbourne is another reason why switching is not so difficult after all.

Let us look at what makes lithium batteries ideal.

High energy density & More useable energy/capacity

A battery with high energy density can deliver the same amount of energy, but in a smaller footprint.  With the advantages that a lightweight lithium battery can offer including safety and handling, it will greatly expand the possibilities for battery applications. The capacity of lithium battery is independent of the discharge rate. A lithium battery can do 80-100% depth of discharge, while a lead-acid battery can only do 50-70%. With high discharge rates, a lower rated lithium battery will have a higher usable capacity than the comparable lead acid model.

Easy maintenance with a low self-discharge rate

The self-discharge rate of an SLA battery is 5 times greater than that of a lithium ion phosphate battery. Many customers trickle charge lead-acid batteries continuously to keep the battery at 100% State of Charge (SOC) during storage, while 100% SOC is not required for a lithium to be stored. Also, not like certain batteries which need to be monitored for their water levels, lithium batteries do not have to be watered to be operable. This would eliminate the need for additional maintenance or for individuals to be trained regarding the procedure for maintenance or for monitoring the water levels.

Quick charging

Lithium batteries could be charged up to their full capacities within 1-2 hour (4 times faster than SLA). The fast charging means there is more time the battery is in use, and therefore require less batteries.

Positive environmental impact

Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly. The introduction and growing popularity of electric vehicles over fuel-driven machines have led to lower carbon emissions in recent years. Opting for a sustainable alternative can help to reduce your expenses in the long run along with your carbon footprint. Rather than relying on gas-powered machinery, lean towards battery-powered machines that ensure a positive impact on the environment and make sure you don’t have to rely on non-renewable resources to keep them running.

Longer life span

Lithium has 10 times the cycle life of SLA under most conditions, this brings the cost per cycle of lithium lower than SLA. The average lifespan for a lithium-ion battery in a large capacity pack is 8 years or more. When maintained with proper care, the lifespan could increase, even more, ensuring a positive outcome for you. It would be a good investment on lithium batteries due to its longer life span. With all the perks that come along when opting to buy lithium batteries in Melbourne for your equipment, making the switch seems like a wise choice!