LFP Batteries for High Power Applications

It can be difficult to find a battery that is suitable for high powered applications for home, businesses and machineries that requires a reliable power source that can function around-the-clock without exhausting its battery life quickly. The demand for energy has led the battery technology today to grow at a rapid pace, and the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery has come out on top in today’s market.
Why should you choose LFP batteries?
LFP batteries have many advantages in both power reliability and environmental safety. The presence of nickel and cobalt in many common lead-acid batteries are a huge concern as their impact on the environment is very harmful. The manufacturing process of these batteries are also very dangerous to the health of the workers. By choosing LFP batteries, we can move away from these toxic lead-acid batteries for a safer alternative. LFP batteries are also more efficient by energy density than all the other options in the market today. LFP batteries typically hold 3 to 5 times more energy than lead-acid, and with life cycles typically reaching 2000 at 100% DOD conditions, they’re more applicable to today’s energy demand in the automotive and industrial industry. They have been a great discovery for solar energy storage too. They require little to no maintenance and can charge up to 100% of their rated capacity, whilst their lead-acid counterparts can only reach around 85%. This allows you to store up as much power as you can before the sun goes down without any wastage. The safety on LFP batteries is also rated higher due to their higher thermal runaway. The cathode materials used are intrinsically safer with better thermal and chemical stability. The thermal runaway for LFP will only happen at around 270°C whereas the NMC or LCO batteries can reach thermal runaway at 150°C. This means that the battery has better temperature resistance therefore less likely to have internal structure breakdown to cause a fire hazard.
What is LFP batteries used for?
With the growing advancement of these LFP batteries, the application and relevance for their usage grows in our market. Their reliability, efficiency and weight saving advantages are what makes them stand out from the rest. LFP batteries for the 4WD usage, for the caravan, solar energy storage, and even bicycles are now increasingly common. These types of batteries are highly sought after and are retailed by Battery Guru. Battery Guru is a one stop shop for all your outdoor battery needs. You can reach them at (03) 95880116 or visit their website https://www.batteryguru.com.au/ for more information.