How to Choose the Right Generator Battery

Batteries are vital for generator sets to function, as most generator fails because the battery fails. From small 17 AH AGM to heavy duty truck sized blocks, to know which battery works best for your generators is important to figure out what you need to purchase for your generator. With a number of generator batteries for sale around your location, you must first identify how to choose the right one. Here are some tips to help you out:

Check manufacturer specifications:

It is important to know that not every generator battery is the right one for your application. There are certain specifications that batteries fall under that make them ideal for use in specific applications. To choose the right battery for your generators, you have to keep the following aspects in mind –
  • Consider the battery type in terms of temperature, safety hazard, and other factors by checking the specifications of the battery & charger to be used.
  • Take a look at the generator manufacturer specifications regarding the battery in order to compare the specifications with the battery already installed. In case the installed battery has higher specifications than the manufacturer specifications, opt for the existing battery in the future.

Compare costs, lifespan, and performance:

While you may have found certain battery options more economical than others, there are a number of factors that could affect the overall cost you would have to fork out in the long run. Is the battery long-lasting? Can the battery perform at its optimum better than its counterparts? Always ask these questions while choosing the generator batteries.

Check the warranty of the battery:

The warranty comes with purchased battery allows you to be at ease in case the battery malfunctions within warranty period. With the investment you are likely to spend on purchasing your generator batteries, it is obvious the longer warranty period the better. If there are multiple options you are uncertain about choosing from, keep the warranty of the battery as a deciding factor among other factors.

Tips to extend the lifespan of generator batteries

With proper maintenance you can extend the life of your generator batteries, saving you time and money on replacements. Here are some tips that could help:
  • Keep track of the purchase date of the battery and its lifespan.
  • Conduct constant checks on the electrolyte. Measure specific gravity and top up the water levels when necessary.
  • Make sure a trickle charge is always available.
  • Monitor the battery performance at regular intervals through voltage tests and load tests.
Make sure you keep these tips in mind every time you’re on the lookout for generator batteries for sale so that you make the right purchase for your applications.