Golf Cart Batteries

What You Need to Know about Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries, like any other batteries, require regular care and maintenance to make sure they’ll last. While you can always find the best 6V golf cart batteries for sale or batteries with different capacities at the best prices, it is also essential that you learn how to maintain their capacity for a long term. Rather than having the batteries replaced often, find out all you need to know to extend their lifespan.
Opt for automatic chargers
Not keeping track of how long you leave your golf cart batteries on charge can cause significant damage to it that could also reduce its lifespan. For those using lead acid batteries, adequately charging the batteries is extremely vital. Driving the cart until the battery is completely discharged can also lead to less than optimum performance over time. Using automatic chargers, on the other hand, can ensure there is no overcharging and there is optimum charge delivered every single time. Further, this can also increase the lifespan of the battery.
Maintaining your golf car batteries is the key
How you maintain your golf cart batteries can notably impact its performance. Cleaning the battery terminals regularly to prevent excessive corrosion damage is important. Topping up the water to the right level is also critical while maintaining the batteries. Always make use of distilled water. If you do not have an automated battery watering system in place, make sure you check the water level marks regularly. While cleaning the terminals, make use of cleaners that are anti-corrosive and mild. Make sure you also check on the wiring & replace frayed cables immediately. You can also place some silicon paste on the ends of the terminals to prevent oxidation.
Replace using quality batteries
Replacing your golf cart batteries requires attention to detail. You cannot simply replace one brand of battery with another without checking to see if they are the right combination. Every battery has a different set of standards and requirements that need to be understood before you try to randomly find 6V golf cart batteries for sale.
Operate the carts using proper guidelines
Over-discharging can shorten the battery life, and never run an electric cart till it struggle to move any more, for it can damage the batteries. Keep the guidelines in check when driving a golf cart. Avoid leaving the lights on when you are not using it and never exceed the weight capacity mentioned. Every single aspect needs to be carefully looked after when it comes to golf cart batteries, right from its purchase to its disposal. Depending on your needs, you can find 6V, 8V, 12V golf cart batteries for sale at the best prices from Battery Guru.