Maintenance Tips for Deep Cycle Golf Car Batteries

Your deep cycle golf car batteries keep your gold car functioning to its full potential. However, how often do these batteries need replacements? If you’ve had to do it quicker than is needed, you need to up your maintenance game. How well you are able to follow maintenance tips can ensure whether you will need to make unnecessary investments on battery replacement or whether you can make the batteries run their full potential. To help increase the longevity of your deep cycle batteries, here are some tips you can keep in mind:
Charging Tips
Every battery has its own charging characteristics. It is vital that you follow instructions according to the specifications. Once the battery has been fully discharged, it is essential that you recharge it immediately. A crucial tip to remember is that a battery should be operated & charged at a room temperature, for a battery don’t like when it is frozen cold or way too hot. Deep cycle golf car batteries need to be fully charged before being put to use with new batteries requiring cycling a number of times to reach full capacity.
Preventive measures can help you extend the life of the batteries while keeping the batteries in top condition. These preventive tips include:
  • Keep the batteries and battery terminals from corroding. Clean the battery terminals regularly using cleaning solutions that are safe to dispose of.
  • Check for exposed wires and whether the connections are tight.
  • Test the battery as frequently as possible. If your battery is below 12.5 volts, recharge immediately using a suitable smart battery charger.
  • Make sure you use tools that are insulated so that the terminals are NOT shorted.
  • We recommend charging batteries with an appropriate battery charger every 3 months to maintain peak performance.
Watering measures
To water your deep cycle golf car batteries, you can only make use of distilled water. Before charging the batteries, you need to ensure that the water level is above the battery plate. In case the battery plate isn’t covered with water, get the water level rising till it is. You must also take care to not overwater so that the electrolyte levels of the battery are not diluted.
Battery Performance
There may always be a chance of you running into issues with your battery, even with proper care and maintenance of the batteries. If you notice your battery not performing to its full potential, do the usual checks to figure out if there is an issue with the connectors or if the electrolyte level is lower than necessary. You will also need to check if the battery has been correctly charged or is too cold to operate. One thing also to keep in mind is that your deep cycle batteries should never be over-discharged, and less than 70-80% depth of discharge will keep the battery lasting longer. You can get in touch with us at Battery Guru to help understand maintenance guidelines or to keep a check on the performance of your deep cycle golf car batteries. With effective maintenance, you can ensure the longevity of the batteries while reducing performance issues to naught.