Common Applications of a 6-Volt Deep Cycle Battery

There is much debate when it comes to choosing the right battery. Compared to a 12Vbattery, people are much more comfortable opting for a 6V deep cycle battery. And for good reason. There is no doubt that 6V batteries have a longer lifespan than a 12V battery. With its deep-cycled construction style, the drainage and recharging of the batteries has no negative impact on the battery life, making it a popular choice. Here are some of the common applications of a 6V battery:

Back-up power sources for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

With 6V batteries being long-lasting, they are often used as a reliable power source in order to store energy. With a high amp capacity owing to their wide internal surfaces, 6V batteries are widely used as a UPS for small computer systems or household alarms. Further, it can even store energy for a long time-frame to be used in the future.

Trailer homes or recreational vehicles

For trailer homeowners or people using recreational vehicles, travelling long hours in a remote area can be challenging without the use of appliances. And if the only way to keep the appliances working is through a battery as the power source, find the right one becomes a priority. 6V batteries offer high amp capacity, are light in weight, don’t spill (AGM models), and are relatively affordable, making them the ideal choice.

Electrically-powered vehicles

A 6V deep cycle battery is able to sustain lasting energy to vehicles that can be recharged. An e-bike, electric scooter, electric wheelchair, golf carts, and other such vehicles are all sustained by a 6V deep cycle battery. While using a 6V battery would require one to use multiple batteries, every cell is equipped with a wide surface internally that allows large amp capacity. This large amp capacity ensures lower heat dissipation and discharge rate that, in turn, ensures the longevity of the electricity supply. With advancements in innovations, electrically-powered vehicles can implement multiple batteries of low voltage that act as a cost-effective solution compared to higher voltage batteries with respect to cell failure and battery replacements.

High-energy capacity illumination in torches and flashlights

If you have ever been camping or hiking, you would know the difference between using normal household torches and ones specifically designed for outdoor activities. The torches or flashlights we regularly use at homes have limited energy that has an extremely short battery life and depletes rather quickly. This would hardly do when you’re out in an unknown territory exploring the wilderness. While 6V lead acid AGM batteries are normally used in heavier applications, they are also ideal for camping or hiking flashlights, offering high-power illumination with a high capacity to store energy. Making use of a 6V deep cycle battery instead of a high-voltage battery is certainly the better choice, owing to their durability and amp-hour capacities.