5 Facts About Commercial Batteries

5 Facts About Commercial Batteries You Didn’t Know

The potential of a commercial battery lies greatly in its external factors, however, many are unaware of the basic knowledge of these batteries. From choosing the right battery for its application to its maintenance, a lot goes into ensuring that your commercial work runs smoothly without any glitches. So, concerning the batteries for sale online and how you can maintain or improve your battery health, here are some facts you need to know:
1. Most breakdowns are caused by weakened batteries
Breakdowns caused in commercial equipment, vehicle, or other machinery are frequently due to batteries weakening over time. Without proper battery care and maintenance, the chances for the battery weakening earlier than necessary increase. Regular testing of the batteries can help you keep track of how it performs and what you can do to prevent it from rapidly weakening further.
2.Batteries Don’t “Expire”
While batteries do come with an expiry date, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to throw the expired batteries away. The date simply indicates that the battery’s manufacturer cannot guarantee the battery has a full life or charge after its expiration date. The performance capacity of the battery will naturally decay due to self-discharge. Having a good maintenance routine for your batteries can put the battery’s performance at its optimal for longer.
3. You Can Purchase Recyclable Commercial Batteries
Mishandling batteries can have disastrous effects that one can very well do without. This also means that discarding batteries improperly can prove hazardous. With recyclable batteries now a possibility, the chances of endangering the environment are reduced. Lead-acid batteries have a high recycling rate, even more so compared to its paper, aluminium, or glass counterparts!
4. Improper Handling, Storage, and Maintenance Can Reduce Battery Life or Lead to Hazards
Although we lay great emphasis on the maintenance of batteries, handling it with care is equally important. Bringing the batteries in contact with metal can cause an electric shock to anything and anyone touching any of the two items in contact. Furthermore, how you store the batteries is equally important. The batteries need to be kept away from flames or metals at all costs. The environment in which the battery is stored, also needs to be monitored so that the temperature is kept under control. Taking on an expert’s opinion when needed and regularly checking up on the batteries can help enable you to prolong their life significantly.
5. Change in Temperature Can Reduce Battery Performance Capacity
A significant rise or fall in temperature can also corrode the battery and/or cause it to deteriorate quicker. Lower temperatures lead to poor charge acceptance, causing the battery to consume a lot of energy when in use, and causing the performance of the battery to diminish. On the other hand, extreme heat can make the batteries to self-discharge at a much quicker rate. If you are looking for the right battery for your commercial use and unsure of the potential for each, it is always best to speak to an expert. Several brands and battery retailers like Battery Guru not only provide batteries for sale online, but also have experienced staff to help you with your queries.